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Tree Surgery

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Why it’s best to use professionals when cutting back trees

It’s often tempting when trees become unruly to just get out the ladder and chop away at them. However, apart from the fact that you could actually cause the tree damage through improper pruning, this can be highly dangerous.  Teetering on a ladder whilst using power tools is always a recipe for disaster.

The best way, therefore, to manage your garden landscape is to hire a professional tree surgeon.  That way, your trees will be maintained in a healthy, non-damaging manner and you will not be risking your safety when pruning.

Safe use of power tools when pruning trees

The use of power pruning tools such as chain saws, pole saws (like a chain saw, but on a pole to help tackle hard-to-reach areas from the ground), hedge trimmers and edgers (used for shaping lawns) can be dangerous and difficult to use at the best of times.  When cutting back large trees, these pieces of equipment need to be used at height, which can make the task at hand even more hazardous.

By hiring a trained tree surgeon, you can be reassured that they will be qualified in handling such equipment at height. For example, T. H. Tree Services holds qualifications in, amongst other things, the use of chainsaws from a rope and harness and safely operating wood chippers, as well as health and safety and equipment maintenance credentials.

Further safety benefits of professional pruning

Apart from having the knowledge, equipment and safety training to prune trees correctly, an expert arborist will also have the services of a trained crew to aid them.  The crew will work together to ensure that everyone is able to avoid potential hazards.

Tree surgeons will also be trained in climbing trees safely; at T. H. Tree services we hold the NPTC CS38 Units 1 & 2 qualifications in how to safely climb trees and conduct aerial rescues, for example. Professional tree surgeons will also be able to recognise which branches and limbs can pose particular hazards and work with them accordingly to ensure their safe removal, as well as being aware of working within the proximity of potentially dangerous power lines.

Tree Surgeon insurance

Something else to be aware of when pruning trees are the potential insurance hazards which cutting back can create.  For example, unsafe pruning and felling of trees can cause damage and injury to both people and property.  Not only will a professional tree surgeon know how to avoid these insurance and damage pitfalls, but will also have adequate insurance just in case it is needed.

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