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How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

At this time of year, as our thoughts turn to all things festive, one of the greatest focuses of our Christmas preparations in the run up to the big day itself is often on the Christmas tree.  The centrepiece of every home’s decorations, it needs to be perfect.

That’s why we’ve used our knowledge here at T. H. Tree services to produce a guide to ensure that you are able to pick a Christmas tree which is exactly that: perfect.

Preparation Makes Perfect

First things first, the place where you are going to house your Christmas tree for the festive season is just as important as buying the correct type of tree.  The position of your tree should be away from heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators and TVs.  Once you’ve chosen your spot, measure the height of the room (if possible) to ensure that you pick a tree which won’t seem dwarfed by the room.

Remember that a slightly too tall tree can have branches trimmed off of the top if necessary. If the space is restricted on either side of your tree spot, i.e. if it’s to be framed in a bay window, then measure the width of the space too.

Types of Tree

Although they may look similar, not all Christmas trees are the same.  The three main types of Christmas tree are the spruce, fir or pine tree.  As a general rule, a fir or pine will only lose a small amount of needles as they dry out, whereas a spruce is likely to lose most of its needles, but this needn’t be a problem if you keep it well watered.

Certain trees also have certain attributes about them – for example, the Nordmann fir is the best type of tree for needle retention, where as the Grand fir has a wonderful scent – so if you’re looking for a certain characteristic, it’s worth doing your research before setting out to buy your tree.

Freshness and Quality

When purchasing your tree, it’s worth asking the retailer when their trees are delivered: do they get one delivery at the start of the festive season, or are their deliveries staggered?  If it’s the latter, then you are more likely to get a fresh tree.

There are also certain other things you can look for to test a tree’s freshness: a fresh tree should retain its needles if you run your hand along the branch, and have hardly any browning needles.  The branches should also be flexible and not dried-out.

Avoid buying a tree which is pre-wrapped in netting; apart from not being able to test the needles and branches, you won’t be able to see the true shape of the tree until you get it home – it may be more hour-glass than plump pear, and no amount of pretty decorations will be able to disguise it!

If you test the freshness of the tree and are happy with its shape and size, then it’s time to buy its accompanying water-holding stand (if the tree isn’t of the potted variety already), take it home and decorate it to your heart’s content.  Remember to keep it watered, and you’ll have a happy Christmas tree to last all festive season!

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