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What is the best time of year to prune or cut down trees?

Pruning is probably the most common procedure carried out by tree surgeons. Trees should be regularly pruned in order to maintain their safety and aesthetics.  However, in order to cut the tree back in a way which doesn’t cause it permanent damage, there should be an understanding of how and when to prune the tree.   It may be wise in this respect to bring in a professional tree surgeon to carry out the job, otherwise, improper pruning can cause lasting damage, or may even shorten the tree’s life.   Why should my trees be pruned regularly?

There are many different reasons to prune a tree in order to maintain good tree health and structure as well as enhancing its aesthetic value. Removing dead branches, crowded or rubbing limbs and taking away any safety hazards the tree may pose are common reasons for pruning a tree.

When should pruning take place?

If you are looking to prune a tree in order to remove weak, dead or diseased branches and limbs, this can be done at any time of the year without much consequence to the tree.  As a general rule, if a tree is pruned before the spring growth flush, the tree’s growth will be maximised and the wounds will close faster – therefore pruning in late autumn or winter is best, when the tree is dormant.

When should pruning be avoided?

Tree pruning should be avoided after the spring growth flush as the tree will have just expended a lot of energy in order to produce foliage and early shoot growth, and removal of foliage at this time will cause the tree stress.

Some trees also ‘bleed’ sap if pruned in early spring, although this is often of little consequence to the tree, but it is worth bearing in mind that some tree diseases are spread through spores accessing open wounds, and so susceptible trees should not be pruned during active transmission periods.

Conifers require little or no pruning, except to remove dead or diseased branches, and this should be done in the late summer.  If you are looking to remove a tree completely, this can effectively be done at any time of year, subject of course to weather and access conditions.

How should trees be pruned?

Each cut to a tree has the potential to cause it damage, and it is therefore wise to enlist a professional tree surgeon, such as T. H. Tree Services, to carry out the work for you.  We are aware of which branches should be removed, and also how much of a tree should be cut back.

For example, young trees need special care and a certain amount of foliage removed each year – a professional tree surgeon will know exactly how to maintain a young tree.  We will ensure that any tree we look after is kept healthy and aesthetically pleasing through the pruning techniques employed by our experts at T. H. Tree Services.

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