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It’s (Nearly) Springtime in Essex – Tree Pruning Time

While we might not be packing away our winter woollies just yet, believe it or not, springtime is upon us.  Springtime is naturally one of our busiest times. As trees and the garden flora burst back into life, so do we. One of the most important jobs that need to be attended to now in the garden is tree pruning.

T.H. Tree Services is a well-respected and reputable tree surgeon, Essex based. Each year we prune thousands of trees at this time of year, but do you know why tree pruning is essential for healthy tree growth? Here’s why:

  • To promote healthy growth: Trees suffer just as much in the winter as we do.  Dead wood and rotten branches need to be removed from the tree to allow healthy growth in the spring time.
  • For safety: Branches that are rotten and dead wood that is still attached to a tree are dangerous. The branches are weak and could fall from the tree at any time making them a health and safety hazard.
  • For making trees stronger: When a tree’s crown is too full, particularly with new, vigorous spring growth, it’s essential to keep the tree pruned. Thinning out branches allows the wind to pass safely through the tree making it stronger and less vulnerable to high winds.  Yes, we know it’s almost springtime here in Essex but the winds have been very high lately making this job an important one!
  • To keep the tree at a manageable height: Trees that grow out of control can be damaging for many reasons. The tree could be blocking out light from both you home and neighbours too. Once a tree becomes too large for the space it occupies it can be a large, specialised job to either cut the tree back to a manageable size or fell it completely. Regular tree pruning will ensure trees don’t outgrow their space.

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